A robot package that makes it easy to automate operations

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Quick Factory Hand

The inside of a flexible fingertip made of resin is made of a special structure. By designing this structure, hardness and softness are exquisitely arranged to reproduce the functions of human nails and fingers. Unlike conventional hands that are specially designed to fit the material and shape of the object, the “flexibility” allows the user to grasp the object softly regardless of its size and shape.

Quick Factory Vision

The 3D camera recognizes the work area and objects. It also performs real-time 3D measurement of the surroundings to prevent the robot from colliding with obstacles. It is compatible with 3D cameras from various manufacturers, and integrated measurement of multiple cameras is possible, so it can be used in a variety of situations.

Quick Factory Engine

The Engine is the brain that makes robots, vision, and hands work together. It uses digital twin technologies to recreate real space in virtual space in real time. Adjustment of vision and hands, as well as automatic programming of the robot to avoid obstacles, can be performed at high speed in this virtual space. It can be applied to a variety of commercially available robots.

Quick Factory App

This is a user interface application that allows you to register robot tasks to your liking. You can register complex tasks by combining various tasks. It is intuitive and does not require any special training.

Flexible Gripper

Grasping a variety of objects

Our flexible grippers handle objects of various shapes one after another with “no adjustment” and “no fingertip change”.

The grippers grasp irregular shaped objects from 10g to 2kg.
The grippers grasp a card, raw egg, plastic bottle (500ml), and melting ice

Easily replaceable fingertips

The fingertips can be easily replaced with “one-touch mechanism” and “without tools”. It can be used to change fingertips according to the object to be grasped or for maintenance of worn out fingertips.

One-touch replacement is possible without tools.

The secret of flexible hands

Please watch the video to learn more about the features and principles behind KiQ’s flexible hand.

The secret of the durability performance and softness of flexible hands

Easy interfacing with sensors

Even if errors are introduced into the sensor, the flexible hand will absorb the deviation. This makes it possible to accomplish a variety of tasks with inexpensive sensors.

The flexible hand doesn’t choose the sensor!

Motion planning

Autonomous obstacle avoidance

Considering the object to be grasped, obstacles in the environment, and the configuration of the robot and hand, the robot will plan and act on its own to avoid collision to the target point. This eliminates the need for “teaching work” that was required with conventional robots.

Recognition of objects and obstacles by sensors attached to the fingers -> Automatic route generation
Motion execution while recognizing the environment with sensors.